TCA conducted celebrated Pongal on 24th February 2019 with more than 400 Tamil community members participating.  Various cultural activities like the signing, dancing and drama were orchestrated by our kids.  The highlight of the program was our local Kenyan kids from nearby homes who performed dances for Tamil songs. The event ended with a traditional south Indian vegetarian lunch served in banana leaves.

Pongal Celebrations - 24th Feb 2019

2019 News

TCA conducted a women's Tennikoit tournament at Arya Girls school,3rd  Parklands this morning (17th of March).  The event was well received by the ladies of the community who participated with enthusiasm and team spirit.  Of the 5 teams who took part, the COOLfi girls team won the competition and runners up were Nairobi Sharks.  Players of the tournament were Ms Yamini Pandian and Ms Jenipa Sukumar.  

Women's Tennikoit Tournament

- 17th Mar 2019

Annual General Meeting - 24th Feb 2019

TCA conducted elections for the new committee to take over in 2019, along with the Pongal celebrations.  A new committee was elected by TCA members. The committee is headed by Mr. Sridhar Ganesan as Chairman and Mr. Srikaanth Sreenivasan as Vice Chairman.  Details of the entire team are in the Committee Section on the webpage. Feel free to reach out to the team for any assistance.