About Us

The Tamil Cultural Association of Kenya (TCA) started 23 years ago in Kenya. The Tamil Cultural Association of Kenya is one of the vibrant community and takes pride in promoting our mother tongue Tamil and its culture. We have been participating and promoting our culture and taking initiative to serve the needy people of this great Nation Kenya.

We have participated in flood relief, famine relief, Charity work, paying school fee for the school going kids, blood donation camps are some of our activities which makes awareness to the community that we are here not only to make living, but also care for the poor and downtrodden people of Kenya in whatever way we can.

In addition, the TCA has committed to Teaching the Tamil Language to the children. TCA has service activities highly dedicated team of Teacher volunteers and they have been engaged in delivering the Tamil Language classless and every effort is taken to ensure that the kids are in a position to read and write our Tamil language even if they are away from our Home country.

Our association is also involved in conducting regular cultural activities to keep our members engaged. We provide enormous opportunity for our children to demonstrate their creativity through the stage shows/programs which ranges from; drama, singing (classical and light music), dancing (Bharatha Natyam & Bollywood) and playing instruments which, they learn from our Teachers in Kenya. Youngsters have plenty of opportunities to participate in our Tournaments like Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball, Chess, Carom etc., In fact, some of our Children are representing Kenya in Chess and Cricket currently. The list of activities is shared through social media; https://www.facebook.com/tamilken

The office bearers of our Association changed on a yearly basis by way of conducting AGM and calling for the interested members to present their names for the honorable posts. We have been fortunate to have a highly dedicated and energetic team to drive the TCA activities year on year in a sustainable manner.