"To Enhance Tamil language and cultural values while empowering our youths to develop into the future leaders with social and cultural conscious and to improve the quality of our seniors lifestyles."

Our Mission

To grow the Tamil cultural values while embracing multiculturalism as proud Kenyans & Indians by supporting not only the Tamil but also all other communities that makeup Kenya.

Our focus is to:

1. Enhance Tamil Language and Culture;

2. Empower our youth to develop into future leaders with the community and socially conscious;

3. Assist in the social economic development of Kenya and be a part of the socially responsible society by giving back to charity;

4. Improve the quality of our seniors;

We achieve this mission by celebrating culture events and by involving our members and youths to take part in various community service activities in the region that makes a difference to the community. Providing services and programs for the seniors that would improve their lifestyles and to pass on their experience onto the younger generation to be future leaders of Kenya.

Our Mision