TCA has committed to Teaching Tamil Language to the children. In this context, the TCA has highly dedicated team of Teacher volunteers and they have been engaged in delivering the Tamil Language classless and every effort is taken to ensure that the kids are in a position to read and write our Tamil language even if they are away from our Home country.

This is due to the exemplary commitment and dedication shown by member volunteers; Ms.Santhi Sathya, Ms.Anusha Prakash, Ms.Anitha Moorthy and Ms. Gayathri Ganesh. The Tamil language classes are conducted regularly on every Sunday from 5.30 to 8:00 PM.

The Tamil classes for children was originally initiated by women volunteers of TCA with the space and teaching resources assistance from Ayyappa Seva Samaj. The Tamil classes are regularly conducted at the integrated temple premises of Ram Mandir and Ayyappa Temple, Parklands. TCA took the further initiative in expanding this to kids in South C area as well with a group of volunteers getting involved from South C.

The class currently consists of 35 children of various ages who are separated as Beginners who learn basic language as well as reciting Tamil rhymes. Intermediate students who are able read and write, apart from reciting a few Thirukurals and the Higher level students who can read, write, form sentences and learn more Thirukurals & Aathi Choodi (other Tamil poems) thus showing lots of interest in learning our mother tongue. At the end of the curriculum, we are planning to conduct exams and promote them to higher learning.

In this context, the partnership with TVA (Tamil Virtual Academy) would immensely help our children to obtain formal academically recognized certification. Also, the certification from TVA is a great motivating factor for children and parents to attend the classes regularly” can be reworded as “The TCA has signed an MoU with Tamil Virtual Academy of Government of Tamilnadu to certify the children based on TVA assessment standards. The first batch of 10 students have participated in the exam during November 2018 and they have been certified in March 2019. The academically accredited Tamil Language learning is an additional motivational factor for children and parents to attend the classes regularly.

Tamil Language School


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